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    i need serious help over here

    i have the need to move quickly from my parents (because very personal reasons that i shouldnt avoid) but i want to be an illustrator, is it possible yet? im so worried guys its awful i would like to stay with my parents until get good but i cant

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    Depends. The problem with asking the Internet is we canít really know exactly what youíre going through. I was in a really abusive home, but I managed to get admission to a university far away so basically as soon as I graduated high school I packed up and left. But I had at least a place to stay (dorms), some money (student loans), and a job lined up. I wouldnít recommend anyone do it the way I did. There was a lot of suckage that Iím starting to fix now that I have a degree and a real job. I was stressed out all the time. I got by with a lot of luck and friendsí kindness. A lot of sleeping on peopleís couches. It was not fun. But I donít think I could have lived much longer at home without killing myself or becoming homeless, so I took the opportunity I had and went.

    So basically what Iím saying is: if youíre having big real problems at home, leave if you have the opportunity. The stress of abuse or addictions is not worth having a free roof over your head. But itíll suck a lot still and youíll wonder what the hell you were thinking when youíre working 50-60 hour weeks while your friends go on vacation and have time to do what they want. Donít throw all your eggs into one basket. Iíve worked probably like 10 jobs since leaving home and most of them were awful. If you sit around all day waiting for the perfect illustration to happen, youíre never going to get far. Be okay with working in restaurants as a dishwasher, picking weeds, shoveling dirt. Nothing is beneath you and thereís no shame on having sweat on your brow to make your own way in the world. You can work towards being an illustrator after you pay the bills and are safe.
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    Building a client base big enough to sustain a freelance career solely from doing illustration takes time, if indeed you ever get to that level at all, most don't. So no, it's not possible to just jump-start into doing illustration freelance full-time.

    Get a normal job, do art in the evenings until going full-time freelance becomes viable.

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