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    Portrait critique

    I have a really hard time with getting a likeness in a portrait and also have difficulties with some head angles like the 3/4 view. Here is a portrait of Ringo Starr I tried to draw would really appreciate a critique of it
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    Yeah, the whole getting a likeness thing isn't going to garner many critiques for you around here. I don't think most of the people here can get likeness either. Hell, I still have trouble with it too. I will say that I find it useful to get the gesture and expression nailed down before I do any detail work. If you can't get it in cartoon form, you probably aren't going to get it by adding more surface shadows. If the head isn't tilted just right, you're going to slightly warp the features by trying to match them to the photograph. Try to grab the essence and the photograph doesn't really matter as much.

    Still, it is difficult. You are pretty close though. So good job.

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    This is a nice drawing! The form and lighting looks great to me, and I like your style because it is fresh in a good way and overall pretty well done.

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    I think your likeness is portrayed closely, as David_a_ray also said. But I did notice that the right eyebrow is aligned directly above the eye, which is kind of what you expect. But in the ref, that eyebrow leans more to the left. I think that in some three quarter views, the eyesbrow starts before the eye rather than being directly above it.
    I think the nose may be slightly less wide, and the eyes slightly closer together. I think it would help to to convey more that the nose gets wider at the bottom, it looks kind of linear in width in your picture.

    The pen strokes in the moustache look a bit different to the direction the hair is going in the moustache in the ref. In the ref the lines are more curved and a lot more angled from left to right rather more linear. It also may be more curved and a tiny bit thicker in width in the ref? But I like how you made the moustache follow the form of the mouth, that is good thinking. His moustache is a tiny bit circular at the end in the ref too, It's also more pointed/in a curved inward shape where it meets the philtrum in the middle.

    The curve of the nose at the start of the nose between the eyebrows seems to be a little longer and more slightly more curved in the ref.

    The end of the nostril curves in a bit more in the ref.

    The hair looks unfinished, if you want to draw the hair I heard it helps to simplfy the hair into different clumps, and look at the direction it is in.

    Your drawing looks like you understand the structure of what you draw and you learn rather than just make a copy, I think this is a great skill you worked hard at - please keep this up!

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