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    Artworks for critique

    Hi guys! So I've been doing art as a hobby, for more than 5 years now, and slowly I become more and more passionate about it, and I learned so much, from basics such as perspective, anatomy, color theory. I improved a lot, but I feel like I hit a brick wall, and I can't pin-point what am I missing, but I see that there is definitely something not right with them. It doesn't seem to matter how much time I put into a piece 7 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours or even days, I still don't see what I'd like to see. So what I like is to someone bust my balls, shove in my face all the flaws that I have so I can keep on improving. Your opinion is the most important thing that I'm needing right now, so please help me. I'll upload some of my latest works. All comments are warmly welcomed and appreciated. Thank you guys!Peace!
    Name:  18740809_1171967422930628_502448139818285502_n.jpg
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    First one.. anatomy. Major issues with eye sizes, head shape/size, mouth line up, etc.

    Second - I dont' understand waht I am looking at in that purple mass. Seems oddly dark in place, but it doesn't doesn't read for anything.

    Third.. yup.. it lokos like a beatle.. a furry one? Why is it furry? The back shell looks flat and washed out... the branch fuzzy and nto well defined.

    Fourth - I don't get how that skull is supposed to operate. As in the jaw won't close.

    Fifth - the tree is nice and abstract.. assuming that's what you were going for?

    Sixth - that cat girl face looks ok.. the ears don't look like they exist.. and the whiskers just pasted on. Perhaps finish out the detain in the shawl aswell. The hair looks ok except you should have your 'brush-hair' have a taper and not flat ending edge.

    So what I like is to someone bust my balls, shove in my face all the flaws that I have so I can keep on improving
    Oh FFS.. why do people continue to frame things like this. Just ask for a critque like a normal human.
    My commentary is a gift to you.

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    Love all of the paintings - there's a unique style, and there's a stoy to tell in each of them.
    As for the first one - are you missing the hair and skin textures, or did you intentionally go for the rubber-like face skin? The painting tells its story either way, but it could be two different stories, depending on whether that's an actual human face or just a rubber replica.

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    Hi constantine! Thanks for sharing your work. Two things that stand out to me is that you aren't quite controlling your saturation and values. I'm not seeing you use saturation and value to help with focal points or composition. Your saturation is either cranked up or dulled down, but I can't find rhyme or reason to how it helps the piece read as a whole, makes the focal point stand out, or guides our eye through the piece. Additionally most of the objects in your image have a wide range of values regardless of lighting, their local value, or what material they are made of and it results in making every thing look like it has a plastic sheen. I'd suggest doing some material studies focusing on value ranges. Analyze how dark is the darkest dark and how light is the lightest light between objects in the same image. Ask yourself if it's matte, has a sheen to it, or is glossy. Ask yourself questions about the lighting situation and how it's affecting the values. Is it diffuse? Direct light? Is it in shadow?

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