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    Matilda's Sketchbook

    Hey everyone, this is Matilda, and I am more than excited to join Concept Art 🎨 . I am an industrial engineering major uni student in Singapore but my passion is absent in my current field of studies... I love psychology (while pursuing a minor in psych) and arts (mostly practiced on my own), and I am seriously considering pursuing an art/design/psychology related job in the future. ☺️

    I have been practicing painting, mostly on my own. Previously I have done a couple of portrait sketching, watercolour paintings (Since I am so keen into observing people, which partially explains my addiction to psychology). Recently I am steering towards some more graphic design practices (on photoshop) and I am keen to explore some more creative artworks after strengthening my basics.

    I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR RESPONSES so that I could keep practicing! 🌞

    Some of my portraits painting:
    Name:  IMG_2796.JPG
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Size:  87.1 KBName:  Snip20180716_1.jpg
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Size:  36.2 KBName:  Snip20180716_6.jpg
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    Some of my watercolor paintings:

    Name:  Snip20180716_9.jpg
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Size:  56.7 KBName:  Snip20180716_8.jpg
Views: 1375
Size:  38.4 KBName:  Snip20180716_10.png
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Size:  391.9 KBName:  Snip20180716_3.jpg
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Size:  81.9 KBName:  Snip20180716_12.png
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Size:  422.6 KB

    Some of my very most recent CG experiments... (I will keep updating!)

    Name:  Snip20180716_11.png
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Size:  103.0 KBName:  IMG_4138.JPG
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Size:  98.6 KB

    Not sure how far will I go but I'll keep uploading.
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    Hey there Matilda, welcome!

    Your portraits are lovely, just like your watercolor paintings. Everything you've done so far feels so vibrant and full of energy, and I feel your best in this thread so far is the pencil drawing of the woman with the wild hair. It's the most skillful of the bunch and evokes feelings at the same time, which is exactly what you want to achieve no matter the work. I'd say your second best is the watercolor painting of two women, facing a mirror, as it is expressionistic with as few lines as possible. A lot of us have a tendency to overwork things, which can manifest itself in the final product in negative ways, so achieving that balance between the goal of your work and realism is ideal. Does that make any sense?

    Def keep practicing! =)

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    Hi Alara,

    Thank you so much for the enlightening remarks and heart-warming encouragements! I'll definitely keep updating my works.

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    Weekly update of my artworks...

    I decided to update my sketches on a weekly basis. Recently I am really trying out different styles and techniques, and I do hope to receive your comments!

    Been practicing the basics following Sinix Design on Youtube (
    Name:  Snip20180722_44.png
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    Name:  Snip20180722_45.png
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    Name:  Snip20180716_25.png
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    And practicing some line arts inspired by some Pinterest posts:
    Name:  Snip20180722_43.jpg
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Size:  48.8 KB
    Name:  Snip20180722_41.png
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    Name:  Snip20180722_39.png
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    Some random kitten drawing:

    Name:  Snip20180722_46.png
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Size:  51.9 KB

    Figures and poses:
    Name:  Snip20180722_47.png
Views: 619
Size:  164.9 KB

    The avatar design I did for my friend

    Name:  Snip20180722_48.png
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Size:  172.6 KB

    Thank you for those of you who come...Have a lovely day!

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