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    Amateur Sketchbook of MAR

    After a long journey to find what I love doing for the rest of my life I decided not to go to university for the subject that I was studying and start learning how to draw.
    the road wasn't exactly Straight though since I had to struggle with Depression, Anxiety, Addiction and etc but here I am On the road again.
    these are all my old works which I done in the first month of trying to draw without any reference or guidance following my hunch to what to do and what not and after a long pause from then I decided it's time to start again.
    After battling all those problems and feeling of hopelessness and being lost because of the vast universe and accessibility of internet and tutorials an etc I decided I need to learn fundamentals First and most. So I started learning Perspective today.
    These sketches are just my amateur attempts at drawings only to get something started and I will put the Perspective ones at a later date.

    Name:  photo_2018-07-04_21-58-46.jpg
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    Name:  photo_2018-07-04_21-59-03.jpg
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    Name:  photo_2018-07-04_21-59-08.jpg
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    Name:  photo_2018-07-04_21-59-12.jpg
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    Name:  photo_2018-07-04_21-59-15.jpg
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    Name:  photo_2018-07-04_21-59-18.jpg
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    Name:  photo_2018-07-04_21-59-20.jpg
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    for this cat I used a photo.
    Name:  photo_2018-07-04_21-59-00.jpg
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    Welcome. It's good your focusing on Fundamentals, but don't forget to draw what you actually want to draw, that way you can directly apply what you learn, and it lessens the burnout. Your work has a very disturbing quality to it. I'm getting Junji Ito vibes. The level of detail shows you can sit still for a long amount of time and actually complete an image. A very good skill to have.
    Come say Hi! I could always use a boost.

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