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    Still life composition critique

    hello everyone recently I’ve been getting into still life’s more and find the hardest thing for me so far is composition and placement of objects. Here’s a photo of one of many I took today and this one pleased me the most however I feel it’s still lacking. Any help on what you guys think would boost the appeal of this photo would be great especially if regarding composition and composition tips
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    It's pretty boring atm. Watch the video here - you don't have to do the assignment, even if it does help. You have a sort of triangle, but one element (the thing on the left pointing up) is pointing out of the composition, which will detract from the focus. Talking of focus, there isn't one really interesting element that puts it apart from the rest, even just a bit. That bit on the right, turn it so it faces us more, maybe lie it flat, it makes the eye travel to the centre on nothing. Change the mat to something less busy, and lose that thing in plastic. That bit near the tip of the pencil is in the wrong place - it's actually the most interesting bit, but a tad small. Shame I can't reach in and rearrange it for you. Simple is always best when learning.

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    The lighting doesn't really give a feeling of shape, shadow, or volume. I know it's the kind of light that you'd want when drawing or painting, but it makes for something of a flat still life. These are objects you must be familiar with, but only the pencil, spools of copper wire (?), and the sketchpad are the only things I recognize. Is there a way you can help the viewer understand what the composition is about? What are you trying to say with these objects?
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    Cropping it would help I think. Play the reds off of the greens to help create more focus. Even boring stuff can be composed in some artful way.
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