Hi there!

Recently I've finished two characters:

Aemon the leprechaun
The Leprechauns!
The Leprechauns!

and Fergus the leprechaun
The Leprechauns!
The Leprechauns!

Old and cheerful Aemon and grumpy and bad-tempered Fergus are both leprechauns living in a small village.
Aemon, as the elder of the village and an accountant, takes care of finances and leprechauns' tresures, while Fergus was forced to take care of the gardens (planting 4-leafed clovers), which he hates.
The basic idea for interactions between those characters, would be Fergus being all mean and awful towards his old uncle ( yeah, I'd imagine they would be related ), because he is so jealous of all the tresures Aemon has his eyes on. Aemon, however, is so careless about it that he just refuses to see it and pretends that nothing happends.

I was trying to aim at cartoony style, that could be easily animated. That is why those characters are so uncompliated.
Even though they are simple, they were tons of fun to do.

I am coming here mostly of criticism, so hit me with all you got!
Feedback is essential for an artist to grow, so don't hesitate! ^_^

Thank you for lookin here and have an awesome day!