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    Critique my Cute Little Killer

    Hello world, I've been away from art for the last months for reasons that aren't important, anyway, this one is my latest attempt on doing something good,my intentions were to do something with simpler shapes so I could focus on things like values and colors, don't know if it worked as I intended but that's why i'm here.
    I also paid some attention on composition but forgot about it quite often, I'm not focusing on it right now but would like some critiques about that too.
    I didn't think very much about who the character is, I just wanted to make something cute and evil and this is what I came up with, not the most original thing I've ever thougth of but I still like it, also I wanted to use colors around the character and make things grayer in the borders of the canvas, I just thougth it would be interesting.
    So that's it, tell me what you think and please be sincere as always.

    Name:  cute little killer.jpg
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    Definitely very cute! My eye is a little confused where to look though. The blade is the most defined thing but the eyes are glowing and located at more of a natural focal point.

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    Not bad.. but some issues. First it seems weirdly blurry on the edges.. but I can see the hand and feet detail pretty well.

    I am not certain where the ground is vs background.

    It would be nice to have more defined trees or sticks or what ever.

    The ... knife? Sword? in the back hand doesn't look to be attached to the hand or clearly what is.

    Is the character wearing a sleeveless shirt over a jump suit?

    The horns both have odd placement and angles.

    As for telling about the character I am not getting what's up. Maybe a skull with a glowing eye? Maybe a weird monster jumping? Running? *shrug*
    My commentary is a gift to you.

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