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    Medium-high+ skill level artists: INCREDIBLE inspirational painting: Can someone brea

    Disclaimer: Please post a sample of your latest work or portfolio, that way, you don't waste everybody's time and can prove your skill level.

    If you could go back in time, and tell yourself, "This is what I would practice everyday to get really good, I wish I had done this sooner, and this is the clear path, if you master all of these things, you will be able to paint something like your inspiration here with ease."

    Here it is: Amazing Goku Digital Painting.

    Another. (This one probably better than the Goku one, lol. - you get the idea.)




    Ie maybe you would say: "Do a realistic photo study every day, try to paint metals, natures, skin, etc."

    "Anatomy. Study / practice all the anatomy you can."

    Or, "Do A LOT of value studies: Take regular images online like strawberries, make them black and white only, and try to re-paint them. Do hundreds if not thousands of these."

    Or whatever it is. What would the path look like? In other words, if elementary building blocks of skills create these pieces, what are they, and what exactly would one need to study in order to be able to sit down and be able to paint like this?

    What would an entire curriculum be, broken down, step by step, bird's eye view: 10'000 feet from the air, the entire forest, not just the closeup trees?

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    If your questions had one simple answer, all representational art schools would be offering the same curriculum, which doesn't seem to be the case. Art and art education are a lot more complicated than you think.
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