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    IŽm trying to get better att digital painting by doing some studies. My focus on this one was colours but iŽll take any pointers or critique i can get.
    Thanks in advance!
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    Well done on the coloring! You could have darkened areas of the hair up (braids, top left), but over awell done.

    There's a few areas that looked to have morphed a good amount, but I am not certain if you were concerned about that. The eye shape, distance eyes to from eyebrows, and mouth shape.
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    Unfortunately it’s not a super flattering angle, but I notice you did a good job with the subsurface scattering and bounce lighting. The red from the skin is really pulling through. Good job
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    I think you need to reconsidered the eyes, which should be a lot more slanted because of the upward camera angle. Next study, shoot yourself a better reference, where light and shadows explicitly model the form in space.
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    thanks everyone! I totally agree about the reference photo not being the best. It was just something I hade that where I liked the colors. I have a really hard time drawing facial features from below and I should work on my eyes from different angles.

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    I think it's not about the angle. The main thing here being color. I think this was done well. Mistakes can lead to abstract styles such as the non slanting of slanted Objects in space. The eyes in this case. If you are looking to improve detail... Try to use a step method that you can cycle through. Step1. look at positive and negative spaces of your reference. Step2. Look at largest blocks and place marks on your illustration to guide the largest areas first. Step 3. Cycle back to positive and negative spaces. Step 4 Same as step 2 but within the boundaries of your larger areas. As far as color goes it is good to think of it as what is light hitting? Then it becomes a game of relativity. Is there light from this surface hitting that? Use of color is really like use of lighter grays in black and white. The more colorful something is, the more light is hitting it. I would suggest studying texture at that point. because that will lead you more to what is light hitting? and what type of surface is light hitting? Painting a brown stone, coming from a brown sea against a brown sky... can be tricky and will highten your use of composition awareness. ( do I want the rock seen from this side or that side? ) It can be frustrating to want to do all these things at once and have one of them block you. Go for what you want and don't stop trying. I like this post.

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    Solid study, I like how you pushed the warm tones in this one. There are two things I'd take a look at though. Firts off, your darks seem a bit too bright and could use some darker values, although that might just be my screen. The second thing is the lack of skylight (?) on the skin. Notice the subtle blues and violets where your face points towards the sky? That's where the skin picks up the ambient light of the sky. Incorporating those muted, cooler tones can really push the warmth of the direct light on the face. Marco Bucci recently did some awesome videos on ambient light and all that stuff, might be worth checking him out on Youtube. Keep at it!

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