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Wow, it's been forever since I was here! Thought I would post this since I might be stopping by again more to up my game with tips, etc. OK, so nerd alert incoming... Here's an image I started in Painter, but took it to Clip Studio Paint as it's just quicker for just about everything.

Ever since first seeing H.R. GIGER'S creation of the Kenner Alien toy in a Starlog (before ever being allowed to see the movie) as a kid, I wondered, "What is the reason for such a LARGE head?" and this idea that there was a HUGE brain inside intrigued me. Either a large brain or something... more sinister.

Recently I read an interview with Dan O'Bannon, the writer of ALIEN (a script titled 'STARBEAST'), that originally he and the other writer, Ronald Shusett, wanted the creature to devour, specifically, peoples' brains and somehow 'absorb' their knowledge. The end of the film originally had everyone die, with the alien sending out the distress signal in the voice of a crew member... that it had absorbed the minds of its victims and become intelligent. A smart way to adapt to any intelligent lifeform encountered! The story was scrapped for being too morbid for audiences, but it gave me an idea. Maybe a bit of O'Bannon's idea can 'evolve' into a new one. An unstoppable creature with a superiority complex to do one thing: to single-mindedly acquire the minds and DNA to create the 'perfect' organism and be a killing machine to protect that process. A process that creates an organism that eventually hatches out of its head.

If anyone has seen the newer 'Shin' Godzilla aka Godzilla Resurgence film will understand where I'm coming from with this. It's a shame it has taken a Godzilla film to get here first, but the idea of a lifeform that can adapt in crazy ways to anything thrown at it I think would have been a genius stroke to further the ALIEN mythos. I think the theme of adaptability has been a part of ALIEN from the beginning, to have the creature consume then evolve to be superior to any life-form it encounters. This would merge nicely with the motivation of DAVID from PROMETHEUS and COVENANT: that all life is unworthy, no matter how advanced and only his creation can achieve true perfection. The alien we know would not be the final stage... that there is one more perfect and intelligent stage waiting to be born.

Concept idea: Dome clarity. One thing I've noticed are differences in the clarity of the domes in the movies, art and collectibles. One idea would be that as the 4th stage 'head burster' gestates, the dome becomes more clear, like a pupal stage of a chrysalis until you eventually can see the details under the dome. When the 'skull face' can finally be seen, that is when the 'birth' is ready.

What do you think? I would love to do a page of different concepts/types of this 'Brain-Burster'. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see, feel free to let me know!

EDIT: A friend just reminded me that they did use a similar idea in STARSHIP TROOPERS with the 'brainbug' that would suck brains up and use the information to fight the humans.