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    Comtress' Sketchbook

    Hi! I stopped drawing for about 3 years and I'm trying to get back into the saddle and really improve myself.

    Name:  Horn ideas for CA forum.jpg
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    Here's some figure drawings that I did this morning from Croquis Cafe.

    Name:  20180625_064822.jpg
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    Name:  20180625_064500.jpg
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    Name:  20180625_064413.jpg
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    Name:  20180625_064005.jpg
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    Hey, welcome back from the hiatus and to the forum, comtress​.

    Good gestures there, just keep an eye for those "hairy lines"!
    "There're no lines in real life" / Is this a sketchbook? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Pilgo, thanks for your response! Chicken scratches are the bane of my existence. I should probably use a much larger sketchbook to make me use my whole arm more.

    Here's some more morning figure drawings. I used a ballpoint pen this time and tried to be more mindful of long continuous lines instead of chicken scratch. I also dated it wrong. Whoops.

    Name:  06-26-18_Figures_01_CA.jpg
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    Name:  06-26-18_Figures_02_CA.jpg
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    Name:  06-26-18_Figures_03_CA.jpg
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    I did do my morning figure drawings, but I'm super tired and they came out crappy. So, here's some skulls I did a few days ago to practice rendering. I spent 30 minutes on each, give or take a few for the third one as I was interrupted.

    Name:  skulls2.jpg
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    This one I started last night. It's going to be a portrait of my DnD character. I know the lines are super scratchy. Something about a tablet makes me revert back.

    Name:  Bust_Sketch_01.jpg
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