Iím kinda new to this forum and Iíve never posted here, so Iíd like to apologize if I make any mistakes in writing this post. First of all, before anyone asks why not the western world: Iím from Indonesia, a country in South East Asia. Gonna be in 11th year this July. I wanna study concept art, but Iím kinda open, illustration/animation are good too. My #1 dream college is ACCD, but that tuition fee is CRAZY for people in third world countries. My parents want me to look for scholarships (read: full ride, most likely) if I wanna study overseas, and student-debt seems like a no-no. The only US art school which gives full ride afaik is SCAD? Though only very few get it (?) It also has a branch in HK so that sounds reasonable.

But the main thing Iíll be aiming for is to study in Japan.

Why Japan?

1. The education ministry gives out full ride scholarships plus living stipend to students from some countries. That includes mine. Only a few get to go, but itís worth trying. Iím currently taking a Japanese class once a week, I try reading some Japanese on my free time too. Planning to take their Specialized Training College (diploma) because most of the illustration or animation stuffs are there (Iím not sure if they have concept art courses), then continue to a university.

2. Considering that my brother is also a uni student in Japan, my parents encourage me to choose Japan so it will be easier (and cheaper) for them to visit us together 😁

Well, to be honest, I prefer going go western art schools for concept art, they seem to have better fundamentals, and Japanese schools seem like they are only geared towards their local market with all those anime and manga. Plus I want to explore more styles too. I admit I like anime, manga, and Japanese games. I draw those stuffs a lot too. Sure, I think being a concept artist for Japanese games is awesome, thatís something I really want. But when it comes to animation or more entry-level positions, I think western companies are better in treating employees? Iím ok if I have to work in Japanese animation field first though, experience is a good teacher.

Anyway, if you have any recommended art schools with full ride scholarships, please let me know! It doesnít have to be in Asia. My senior went to The One Academy Malaysia, seems good and has a reasonable fee, no full rides, but I guess itís my backup. I think Iíve seen China and Taiwan governmentís full ride scholarships too, Iím thinking of checking them out. My school has good Chinese classes so that would help. I donít wanna go to a school with languages other than English/Indonesian/Chinese/Japanese as the main teaching language though. Learning a 5th language would be a pain 😅

Ah and is it hard to get a job in the western industry after graduating from a Japanese/Asian uni? Do companies want to help getting visa? Or maybe working online is an option too. Though for experience, I prefer meeting people who are into the same thing directly and learn from them.

Thanks in advance! 😉