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    How do I improve my messy linework


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    An image doesn't seem to be showing up here.

    Edit: Okay for some reason it shows up on your profile page, so I've seen it now and I think I can help you.

    What you are doing is called chicken-scratching, using lots of little lines to make one big line. I used to do this a lot but using a pen helped me overcome it, along with using a lines exercise a user on here showed me. What you can do is with a pen, and as a warm up everyday before you draw, is get a ruler and draw a straight line with the ruler. Make sure it isn't too long, as you will want to do more than one on the page. Then, next to the straight line, draw two dots opposite each other, and try to draw a straight line freehand. Don't make little lines to make up the straight line, just try to draw it all in one go. Use the straight line you drew with the ruler next to it as a reference to how straight it should be. Fill in a page of these a day and I think your linework will improve, as it worked for me and I used to chicken-scratch really badly. But also, try to ease into using a pen.

    You also might want to try the Line exercises in Lesson 1 of

    The trick is to draw from the shoulder, not your wrist. So if you do the lines exercise or you draw in general, try to make a motion with the line from your shoulder than your wrist. It take practice but you'll get there!
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