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    Warriors of Sunlight WIP

    EDIT: Look to below posts for updates!

    I'm about on the stage where I think I'm done with the bulk of the rendering and am just going to add detailing (to the belts and such) as well as work on the background (seen roughly started), then on to colors. So far, this represents about 15ish hours of painting at 4k resolution.
    My question to myself at this point is always; have I taken it far enough? What can I do to make it AAA quality?
    So I'm open for critique! My goal is to make this a AAA quality splash art like you'd see for League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm, or in card games.

    Name:  SolaireofAstora_WIPC.png
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    I have no clue what background-right character is supposed to be doing.
    The background-left characters arms look short, the elbow looks too close to the shoulder.

    The central character's arm look disproportionately small relative to the rest of their body.
    Check the anatomy/perspective with the lightning-bolt thing. Are they holding it like a sword behind them or over the shoulder like a spear?
    In either case get a broom or rod, pose in front of the mirror to reference how it needs to be held and where the length would actually be.

    You could get a little more dynamism if you tilt the whole scene a few degrees.
    Did you do any thumbnail sketches for the composition?

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    Thanks for your critique!
    Actually I just 'fixed' the back hand (in this image) and now, looking in the mirror, I realized I have to change it back to what I had. I've been confusing myself on that one.
    Otherwise, there's some forced perspective going on to give it a little more depth but it's pretty much where it should be. I could probably beef up the arm a bit, the proportions may look a little odd because I'm taking into account armor thickness. That, or I was making him a beefier guy. I can see now that trimming his belly a bit at an angle could help with the dynamic pose. I had originally thought there was something like a breastplate under the tunic but there didn't turn out to be.

    If you're unfamiliar, this is a character from the Dark Souls series. The sequence would be easily understood by fans, I get that it may not be so easy to others. Color may help there since they will all share the same 'sunlight' glow. I am debating with that guy though, I know he's compositionally in a bad place but I need him in there. I could experiment with pushing him back and up so you see more of the 'I'm getting up from the ground' action with his arms.
    This (A) was my thumb.
    Name:  Solaire_Thumbs.jpg
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    Praise the sun!

    Unfortunately for poor Solaire, your painting really doesn't read very well. The posing is confusing. You've got your main guy in a really awkward pose to be throwing lightning or whatever it is he throws. Look up "Throwing a javelin" in google image search to see how someone really throws something like that. You can't just stand straight with one arm cocked back and throw them very well.

    Really though, the "javelin" itself takes all the attention off of everything else and unfortunately, is the least developed part of the painting. The arm holding it and the javelin itself look out of place. The pose and the "bolt" or whatever it is just don't look right.

    Look up drawings of Zeus on Pinterest for ideas on how to make the bolt look better.

    Right now the picture as a whole doesn't look dynamic. The main guy is half covered by a shield, is almost smack dab in the middle of the picture and his pose just isn't that dynamic due to standing perfectly straight.

    I sure wouldn't want to hear this stuff after spending 15 hours on something, so, I'm sorry if this comes along as harsh but with what you have, you need to make some major revisions to bring it to "AAA" quality.

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    You guys are totally right! I got a lot of the same critique from different places.
    Not gonna lie, I was shattered for a day or two. I slowly pieced myself back together but couldn't get into the painting again. So I did a completely different painting in a marathon session and it turned out better than most of anything I've done in years, so now I'm back! Reforged anew.

    I've been working like crazy on revisiting the fundamentals, doing some quick studies, and working this painting the right way.

    Here's where I'm at currently. I focused mainly on the drawing, so the next step is values and rendering. I don't want to waste a bunch of time rendering like I did with the previous one before all the crap is fixed here, if there's anything that really needs fixing. I made some creative decisions but I still want it to be AAA splash art if I can at all get there.
    It's not 100% drawn out yet, but I feel like I have enough to start fleshing it out. Of course this is where I get the most nervous and afraid that I'm missing something critical.

    Name:  WarroiorsofSunlight-drawprelim3.jpg
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