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    Is There Weight to This Figure?

    Sorry to spam the critique center, but all the criticism I get is so valuable. I did around 100 more gesture drawings focusing on weight and balance, does it show through this quick sketch?
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    All her weight is on her left leg, which means her right leg will drop, and, because the way hips and rib cage join the spine, her left shoulder will drop. This is supposed to give a nice flow to the pose (see
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    Nice! I would probably draw the gesture over it again and really figure out how each part is moving and relates to the others. But I think this pose definitely has some readable weight and gesture.

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    Just making it a bit better to read the form and, consequently, the weight and balance.
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    I can see the weight, but there's something wrong with the balance. On this smaller pic I can clearly see her left should should be lower than her right one. Remember that, in order to keep the balance, if one leg is higher, the opposite shoulder should also be higher.

    And it might read as nitpicking, but it really helps to shrink the image and lose details to see this kind of stuff.
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