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    Question about threads and new users

    Sorry, I just joined this site and am still trying to figure out how things work. I read the previous forum stating that new users posts will take a while to actually show up do to spam but I was just curious about "Once you have accumulated enough posts (a small number, approx. 15-20), all your previous threads/posts will automatically be released from moderation."
    Does that mean that we need to post to less populated forums to become unmarked as spam? Or just wait until it gets filtered out?

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    Posts get approved several time a day. I promote people to be regular members once I think they're not spammers ie have posted art. Posts still get moderated, but you should be free to post without moderation after 10 posts. Having it done automatically does not work as I have come down to over 200 posts from a spammer in the old days. You've been promoted.

    I will put people back as new members if they disregard the stickies or are rude. That doesn't happen very much.

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