My seven-year-old son is currently into comic books (his world is pretty much built around Dav Pilkey's universe: captain Underpants, Dogman, etc). He just draws them on paper, the we scan them, make copies, staple together and he gives copies to his friends who seem to like them. I'm wondering if there is an app that he can use to make it simpler. Ideally it's be (a) an Android app that would (b) support stylus (since he uses pens/pencils, stylus would probably work best, no need for fancy features, like what Wacom or Apple pen do, just basic line drawing/coloring). He does not need any pre-built characters (he can draw himself, so (c) the app should allow free form drawing), but it would be helpful if the app would (d) organize the drawings into strips for printing. And, since he's seven-years old, it should be (e) simple to use (no complex Photoshop layers, etc). My wife has Photoshop subscription, but Photoshop seems like an overkill for his age (and he would not let him use her Wacom tablet). It'd be nice if he could just grab his Android device (phone or tablet), a stylus, get in a chair and start drawing. Is there anything that we can use that would support (a)-(e)? I'm totally novice here, so any good ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.