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    Photobashing in concept art, how to and how not to?

    Brought here because photobashing is usually used for concept art and designs. Photobashing was brought up in response to art thieves and how professional artists "Steal" art via tracing it and photobashing. They used the fact that professionals photobash as an excuse for someone to trace someone else's art.

    I don't work in the industry nor do I have anyone to directly ask so I was curious as to how photobashing actually works. I don't think that professionals just take random images from google and other artists to put filters and trace over, but rather they photobash using images that are either royalty-free, pay to use, or that they take themselves. As far as tracing, I think that they trace over images that they own/were made by other in-house artists (modelers, other concept artists, etc.) so it's basically the same as using an image that you have permission to use rather than tracing over someone's art from DeviantArt, especially since the concept of permissions and licensing exist so if you could just take anyone's art or photographs for photobashing I think they'd be obsolete.

    So how does photobashing actually work? How do you actually photobash or rather, how do you not photobash?

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    The ongoing debate! Photobashing can be all the things you mentioned, I've seen a few specific techniques used professionally.

    Blended Photobashing is used to add photoreal detail or texture to an image by blending with the painted aspects of the work.

    Constructive Photobasing is constructing an entire image, or the main visual element of a piece, out 1 or many different photos.
    This is a cousin to Kitbashing,which uses premade or purchased 3D elements to build a seperate, perhaps unrelated asset.

    Sculptural Photobasing is dropping images into a composition to create a color story or build image density, like a traditional painter
    building up paint and textures in layers. Here the photo might be blurred to use only it's color mood, or covered up entirely as the painting
    is completed; it was only there to be built upon, like an armature with clay.

    And here it's good to recall that pure concept art (in my humble opinion as a professional without a huge game or movie to my credit yet)
    is about ideation, variation, and reevaluation - at a fair amount of speed. It is not a fine art piece, though the techiniques could be used for such, it's a job, so anything that helps toward building a strong final work, fast, is allowed.

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