Hello my name is Joseph Gagnon, and I am a 3D artist with the focus of environment development.

Currently, I am looking for freelance work in the roles of environment artist and props creation.

My Software Proficiencies are as following: Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush, Substance Painter and designer, Marmoset toolbag.

I have experience with the following engines: Unreal engine, Unity and CryEngine.

Because I am a junior environment artist, my service fees will be affordable/low.

My following skills/abilities are the following;
• Wrapping UV upon meshes
• reducing poly counts for meshes via techniques
• baking techniques (transfer maps… high poly to low poly techniques)
• The creation of organic and hard surfaces meshes
• the creation of textures and texturing the meshes via Photoshop and substance painter
• the creation of modular parts for building complex environments
• Building complex environments via the use of modular meshes.
• sculpturing meshes
• an understanding of Unreal engine, Unity, Cryengine. (Interface navigation and exporting and importing models)
• rendering meshes via rendering software.

The following are softwares that I use and have the appropriate commercial licenses towards.
• Maya
• substance painter
• substance designer
• Substance B2M
• Photoshop
• Zbrush
• Marmoset toolbag.
My artstation: https://jagagnon.artstation.com/

My Website: http://www.josephagagnon.com/

My Email: jagagnon3@gmail.com

Also, references of my past clients are available by request if you want to learn more about my work ethics.
In addition, I do practice a life-time maintenance on all commissions and offer full/partial refund for clients who are not satisfied with my results.

Feel Free to email me for any questions!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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