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    Rulla's Sketchbook, critiques and help always welcome :)

    Hello Peeps,
    I am a 19 year old girl who wants to be a concept artist, but needs to improve, majorly. Any help from you peeps is welcomed, especially if any of you can offer references (such as youtube vids or even websites). I did find an amazing youtube channel in which there are millions of poses (by real models). The channel is : . I decided to practice everyday and try to improve. Backstory though since I do not know if anyone cares ,but family does not think I could make it out there as a concept artist since I am a girl... yeah that is right and since I suck.. which I can agree on that. But for the past year I have been practicing on poses and got myself a book to study from. I am still struggling with gestures though and how to paint on photoshop (although I decided not to use photoshop until I can draw traditionally). I want to get better at perspective so I have been lurking on youtube for great channels that actually explain which is difficult. Anyways this website is wonky so I uploaded my sketches to flickr and I will be linking them there since I keep getting errors here :/ .

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    Well now you can actually post try adding your images. Either with the paperclip in advanced posting mode or the picture of the little tree in quick posting.

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