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    Question About Super Sculptey


    This is my first post on this forum. My question is a bit out of the ordinary. I'm a radio-control airplane modeler who wants to create his own plastic canopies for model airplanes. The process involves making a "plug," a hard model of the canopy and then using heat to shrink clear plastic over the plug to create the canopy.

    I'm thinking of using Sculpey Medium Blend to create the plugs. It seems like a good compromise between hardness and malleability. The plug needs to be smooth and, once baked, needs to be able to withstand the heat from a heat gun during the process of shrinking plastic over the plug. Not a super hot heat; maybe a couple hundred degrees or so.

    I'd appreciate any feedback concerning whether the Sculpey Medium Blend would be a good choice. For a smooth texture, would the clay plug need to be coated with something?


    ISculpey SSMED1 Medium Blend

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    In theory it should. Once you bake the form I can't imagine it being a problem to use a heat gun to form around some shrink wrap.

    Alternative - air dry clay, Magic-Sculpt, or Apoxie Sculpt .
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    Thanks for the info.


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    Sculpy or one of the epoxy clays would be your best bet. I used to sculpt figures to cast in resin and I've gotten a good, polished surface on Sculpy using very fine steel wool or wet/dry sandpaper. You might want to try a silicone spray/mold release to keep the plastic from sticking to the Sculpy. Sanding paperclay can make dust you don't want to breathe and I'm not sure how well it would take repeated heating. I've done multiple bakes on Sculpy without problems.
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