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    Smile Concept Art - Open for critique

    I've just start to practice concept art recently. Please leave me some critiques in order to improve my work gradually .
    Name:  cliff3.jpg
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    Nice start! Like the colors!
    some things:
    -I assume the Focal point are the people on top of the cliff and the boat(?) in the middle of the river. What is the think in the middle of river? A boat? Is not clearly readable. maybe before render try to silhouette the element and see if it's readable and if it's your main focal point, use contrast and add some light.
    -The texture of the river is out of scale and have not perspective. (the ripples should be little in the background and bigger in the foreground) for the moment, I will avoid using texture.
    -Your light direction is not clear
    -Try to push more your values! Use more atmosphere to determine distance = gradually less contrast, less detail, less colors.
    keep it up!!!

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    Oh Man!!
    I am not sure where to go with this, What I am going to say is going to sound harsh. But Take it on the chin and get where I am coming from Its meant to help not beat you down.
    I am just saying what the issues are and it is up to you to agree and take it on or disagree and ignore me! I hope you take it in the way that it is meant ok!?

    So sorry mate but your perspective and understanding of the environment are shot to hell!

    The water looks like a downhill slide, you have no depth to the image either which isn't helping.

    The boat is incredibly small which implies it is far away and yet the dudes on the cliff are huge which ruins everything or they are giants, which I don't get from the image.

    I am making an assumption at a narrative/ story in which the dudes on the cliff are looking down at a guy on their turf and are about to do something about it. In which case they should be large and looking down at a tiny spec of a boat if they are on a cliff.
    Like in this image, you are looking down at the water
    Name:  gorge 4.jpg
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    This one shows a cliff and river structure better than the last image which should help with the environment and perspective issues.
    Name:  Gorge 2.jpg
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    You have a space in the foreground to stand a guy looking down at the water and a promontory (sticky out bit!) where folks can stand and throw rocks, arrows, spears or whatever down at intruders , but the environment has depth and almost a history with its layers of erosion and landslides.

    If the story is the other way around then the river should be way flatter and the boat a heck of a lot bigger and in the foreground but with the cliffs large and looming with tiny dudes at the top.
    A bit like this one only ease off on the white water!
    Name:  Gorge 1.jpg
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    Imagine a boat in the foreground and a guy looking up at the tiny dudes up above.
    This one has a better environmental feel to it and is possibly more what you had in your minds eye.
    Name:  Gorge 3.jpg
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    Notice that the image has distant landscape which tells the viewer that you can get through it.

    All these elements need to be incorporated or at least addressed in you image if you want to learn from it and get something great at the end.

    Sorry if any of this comes over as harsh but if you want to improve then you need to know what others see in it!

    Good luck with the work and I look forward to seeing where it goes, best wishes.
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    Thanks a lot for your valuable critiques! This means a lot to me in order to keep improving. Please don't mind if it's gonna sound harsh on me or not cause once I'm on this forum my ego is way behind. Cheers

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