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    Mustard World: Space Suit Concepts

    Hi Everyone

    I am looking to get into the world of concept design and I am currently taking some time out to work on a project for my portfolio.
    One problem I am having is I don't have anyone to provide feedback and I am worried I am getting stuck in my own little bubble!

    I have chosen to work on this short story called 'Mustard World' written by my friend here:
    My hope is to use it as a project that I can focus on to help me study my art skills and put together a portfolio for future work.

    The Character I have attached is a member of the 'galactic survey'
    The galactic survey consists of scientists who visit fringe planets in the future scanning for any new life and performing other scientific duties.
    The planet they story takes place on: 'Mustard World' has a low light, thick atmosphere consisting mainly of toxic Chlorine gas.

    I tried to design some suits based on some different roles within the galactic survey and keep a few design consistencies to restrict the design to:
    - a goldfish type space helmet
    - certain equipment, vivisector (the metal disc on the belt), gas canisters, radio equipment, 2 HUD points on the helmet and a computer unit.

    A. Bio hazard suit for dealing with organic matter.
    B. Medical / science suit for more general purpose scientific research.
    C. Low visibility suit with emphasis on visual enhancement and communications equipment.

    I would really appreciate any feedback with regards to the designs; what you like or don't like, colours, shape design, anything!

    Sorry if I went a little overboard.. look forward to hearing from anyone or not (and sorry for terrible image quality )
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