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    Smile Old Witch

    I recently have hit a point where I feel this piece is relatively finished, but I feel like there are some things weird about it. I would love any feedback you might have, thank you for your time. Have a great day

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    The main issue is there is nothing to see, and your witch is walking away from it.
    As a first suggestion, crop 90% from it.
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    Agreed with above. The witch(?) has no detail... the environment is pretty bland.. I mean if this is a sewer why isn't there a log, trash, or a dead raccoon floating down the water?

    Though something with that walk way and the walls are off with perspective. Maybe it's the openings near the water weirdly sized or placed.
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    Really, my biggest gripe is the red on the sleeves. It looks cool, but it doesn't really make sense because it's so unique a color among the greens, it draws a lot of attention away from the fire and the hooded face, which seems to be where I'd want to make people look. Instead I find myself looking at the sleeve or whatever. It just seems to me like an odd place to be looking.

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    This is probably a little bit more of a realistic color scheme than what you want, but I think it helps illustrate a few of the points I'd like to make about how drastically a few simple tweaks can affect your image. (I tend to critique with the intent to help build your skills, not necessarily to help improve a specific piece.)

    Take this and put it in your paint program. Turn it into black and white and look at where I've placed my darkest darks and lightest lights. You can get away with making highlights and deep shadows less than pure white or black. In fact you generally want to do that as a way to make your focal point (the area of highest contrast i.e. where you place your brightest bright and darkest dark next to each other) stand out. Note the dark crack between the two big bricks. It's actually darker than the shadows of the tunnel. This was an accident, but I left it because it doesn't really draw my eye very strongly, but it does just enough to make you really look at the bricks. The reason for this is because it's surrounded by mid-tone values. If it were surrounded by bright values it would draw much more attention.

    Also, don't neglect to build your colors from cool to warm. Note the cool green that moves to a warmer yellow. Think about your color wheel. Notice how green flows into yellow or blue? I decided that green would be cool and flow into a warm yellow. You might prefer to have green be warmer and have it flow into a cool blue. There's a system to understanding how color works, and once it clicks in your head, you'll be amazed at how simple it really is. Personally, I thought I'd never be able to color well.

    Anyway, I agree with the cropping idea. How you do this is of no concern to me; vertical, horizontal, whatever works for your particular tastes.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

    Edit: Just doodling. Went a different kind of sinister. It's now a school in an alien cave where the children were killed; sort of reminiscent of the school shootings in America. I just really liked coloring on this and thought it'd be cool to share it.
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