The new edition of IAMAG Master Classes 19 (IAMC19) videos will be only available for attendees in Paris and Kickstarter Supporters. During these 3 days, we record all non-NDA Master Classes and provide them without any extra charge to our attendees in Paris. We would like to make the next edition of Master Classes more affordable for all artists who want to learn from our speakers and can't join us in Paris.

IAMAG Master Classes cover all topics including Animation, VFX, Concept Art, VR, Supervising, Directing, for the movie and game industries.

IAMC19 will include Master Classes by :

Nicolas 'Sparth Bouvier (Halo 5) , John J. Park ( Maze Runner, Godzilla ) , Jaime Jasso ( Rogue one ) , Andrea Blasich ( Dragons ) , Feng Zhu , Vance Kovacs( God Of War 4 ), Mike Morris ( The Simpsons), Jama Jurabaev (Ready Player One), Goro Fujita (Baby Boss, Facebook VR) and at least 10 other artists working for some of the best known studios, more than 20 hours of workshops and Master Classes.
Last 72 Hours to get Master Class by Feng Zhu, Sparth, John J Park and many more!

By supporting this project, you'll get access to exclusive workshops and Master Classes by some of the best artists.IAMC19 videos will only be available to our attendees and our Kickstarter Supporters and won't be available after this campaign

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