Hi there,

My name is Luna. ^^ I love art. I am very happy to get a sketchbook here. I hope I can keep learning to draw and maybe I can have a couple of nice friends working hard and helping each other together on this journey here.

hmm...... I started in 2014, but I had a really long break from drawing and painting. I had some very strange experience during those 3 years...... My favorite place and my favorite people have also disappeared during that period, I hope I can see them again one day, but maybe I won't unless I can be a better artist.

I am very excited, I can't stop thinking about one of my old experience of learning to draw from a great one in the past. Although everything has changed so much, I shouldn't stop drawing! Conceptart is the place I had a very happy time related to some of my memory, so I want to start again in here.

I hope I can keep working hard and maybe one day at least some of my dreams can come true. ^^

OK! Let me start my journey of learning to draw. Here are some artworks I have done these couple of days.

I think I still lack the skill of drawing human figures, the perspective drawings. and the better environment and etc. >v<// LOL~ Basically, I just need to work hard and improve all the techniques~

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Go go go, don't you dare to stop again, Luna.