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    Book cover commission : Paizo inc's vol. 2 "Astounding futures: Infantry"

    Hey fam !!
    first of all, sooo glad to have recovered my account, thanks to black spot !! much appreciated.
    sharing a Book cover illustration I made for vol. 2 titled " Astounding futures: infantry !! ".
    This Book is all about infantry !! it will be focused on new equipment for the game and is compatible with Starfinder and pathfinder.
    Looking forward to it being published soon
    Name:  DQmfNAAUmDR4WLZkUJN9frSWAjGrFcUMpwoc8Bv1dWpdUFd.jpg
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    Here are some detail crops :
    Name:  DQmU8jGmJKzYtPW5p72g1Cpajk4RoYfejgamMA67gju2rC2_1680x8400.jpg
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    Name:  DQmY4Y98DJb8mMW3jvLqq2Ac4VtTciTzDspVaLshwuJUnj6_1680x8400.png
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    Name:  DQmZXVQQUSsLgHoyeTJhGpy5bKkFsLaYcwvLXWAqo8bNUu1_1680x8400.png
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    Name:  DQmfSaGESpVYnTaUWV1vd8nt8WciG9kdvNtkbm7m8UTr9cQ.png
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    Name:  DQmTmS2X3Hq6nRMfLvvZ8N2mrNiTuk9gvrf1zL4xhbUhou6.png
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    This cover illustration was made entirely using photoshop, digital painting and matte painting techniques.
    All the photographs used in the illustration are my own clicks from my own travels (mostly leh-laddakh) !

    Before this, i had worked on the cover illustration for Paizo inc.s vol. 1 "astounding futures : starships "
    You can check out vol. 1 of the Astounding futures here
    (Left half - back cover , right half - front )

    Name:  DQmd6hTeWb3tUKGh9hKZTtKAKuMe2bSC1QbkydB2qsf2AG6.jpg
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    Name:  DQmY4Y98DJb8mMW3jvLqq2Ac4VtTciTzDspVaLshwuJUnj6_1680x8400.png
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