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    Need some advice on how to get better, what are my main problems


    So i started doing art seriously about a year ago, i did not seen any tutorial videos, i usually look at artworks from professionals and i am trying to figure out how was the object made. My biggest inspiration is Anton Fadeev, you can see his works here:
    I started doing art because of him, and he's work was a huge influance on my style.

    So after a little bit of background information, here are my stuff. I am not trying to achieve realistic look, and colors, i want to do concept art for indie games (imagine something like Hyper Light Drifter, Adrift, Journey, Abzu, so colorfull, "simplier"?) on one day.
    I would stick to the enviroment side of it right now, i don't have interest in drawing people, but i know that, it is an essential thing and part for concept art.

    Anyway, i need advice and opinion on my works, where i need to improve. Also my clouds are still really flat on some of my artworks.
    A few things waht i am noticed: i think my works are still flat, i can't capture the feel of deep, close and distance. Still need details, some part of my works are lack of details, they are too simple. I have problem with the shadows too. Maybe i need to use some different brushes for more details.
    I love my colors, but if there is some problem whit it, please give me some tips.

    Thank you so much for commenting. It will help me a lot, so thank you for your input and advices. And sorry for my english.
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    I like some of your concepts, and although you're not interesting in achieving a realistic look, I suggest you study the real thing. Do landscapes, preferably from life, or from reference.
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    When I look at your art I feel that values are same, no matter how far the objects are and that makes it look a bit flat. To achieve more depth you should add some aerial perspective to separate the planes. Remember that object saturation, contrast and detail level decreases with distance. I like the ideas of your paintings !

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