My name is Daniel Rajabally but you can call me Raja.

I am a concept artist/illustrator who's just now entering the job market so I'm currently looking for work. Part-time, full-time or freelance.

I am very versatile style-wise and I like working on different kinds of projects involving illustration (although I'm more focused on character/prop/environment design for games).

I only accept paid work, no rev-share or unpaid opportunities.

If you like my art and are interested in working with me, you can contact me through:

e-mail - drfioravanco@gmail.com
artstation - http://artstation.com/danielrajabally

Here are a few samples of my work:

Name:  Guerrilla-Gardeners---Amphibian-Soldier---smaller-size.jpg
Views: 1235
Size:  78.2 KBName:  Cowboy-Snake-Lineup---smaller-size.jpg
Views: 1203
Size:  78.2 KBName:  3--Radishes-FOOD-WARS---smaller-size.jpg
Views: 1221
Size:  53.7 KBName:  Bunny,-P.I---smaller-size.png
Views: 1201
Size:  253.0 KBName:  Basic-Enemy-part1---smaller-size.png
Views: 1225
Size:  342.3 KB

Thank you for coming, I hope you liked it.