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Thread: Cat drawing

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    Cat drawing

    Name:  catforcritique 001.jpg
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    Hey I am a beginner artist who would like some advice on how I could improve this drawing. There are a lot of areas I would like to improve on, so any sort of criticism would be great. Particularly I would like to know if I have drawn parts out of proportion or haven't observed something properly.Thanks in advance.

    The reference:
    Name:  catreference.jpg
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    I think the number one response should be expected at this point. It's too messy, work slower, take time, think. As I've said before.

    That said, underneath the mess the drawing is alright. The proportions and stuff are alright, but you have to make your images presentable.

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    It The scan is a mess, and it makes it harder to critique. To me it's not about the sketchy lines because it's obvious you tried to make it easier to read with the black outlines, so that's good, but the blurry areas are the problem.

    As for what I can see of the drawing; it is out of proportion.

    Try to find the big shapes first, focus on identifying them. I think it would help since you've drawn most features too big. The face of the cat, and his paws, are actually much smaller in comparison to the rest of the body.

    The gesture of the cat is a subtle 'S' shape, which you did not capture, his pose in the drawing is too stiff. In the reference the head is tilted to the left, yours is too straight. Again, I think you would benefit from focusing on the big shapes first, and finding the gesture line, and try not to get distracted by the details to soon. Maybe make a few quick sketches first before diving into a detailed drawing.

    I also found this cat tutorial; Step 4 is about the face and it's proportions, maybe you can compare it to your own sketch to get a better idea of where certain features are placed.

    I hope this was helpful. Good luck with your next drawing!

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    Such a horrible scan, you must know that right?

    Yeah your line work is still really messy, its better than the hairy lines you were doing before, but you're still using long continuous lines that look rushed. Just take your time! I feel like these are just the same things mentioned in all your other posts though. Keep practicing.

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