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    Critiques Welcome

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    Hi everyone, I've been digital painting for a few months now.
    I feel I really need to work on all aspects of my paintings, but mainly right now I'm trying to
    focus on composition and color. In this picture I actually tried to plan it out before I started drawing.
    In the past I've usually just started drawing with no particular plan in place, just winging it basically.
    I'm trying to apply what I've learned in the composition section over on I'm happy with how some
    of the characters turned out. But as an entire scene, it doesn't seem to work and I'm not exactly sure why.
    I've been staring at it for such a long time now I definitely think some fresh eyes could help
    I was thinking that perhaps its because there is too much green, or maybe not a clear enough focal point?

    Thanks very much.

    Here's a couple of other pics that I've done as well:
    Name:  Pubg.jpg
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    Name:  MegamansittingFINAL.jpg
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    Name:  drawing23.jpg
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    I think your main focus should not be composition at the moment. It seems tome that your trying to bite off more than you can chew tbh. the ideas are all cool and interesting but without proper knowledge of anatomy, lighting, edgework and values, your composition which has the potential, will not stand out.

    since you know ctrlpaint already i´d say leave the composition area and check the beginners rendering area, focus on your edgework at first. i know you want to create awesome paintings but you cant succeed if you dont tackle your weaknesses step by step.

    start drawing simple shapes like cubes, cylinders and spheres with one light source. its a tedious process but noone said painting would be easy ask away if you have any more questions

    happy painting!

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    The drawings are ambitious which is a good thing. But they also highlight a lot of inexperience, theres a bit of odd proportions, anatomy and perspective going on. But the rendering technique isn't really resolved, which I think is the bigger issue. I think for example the image with megaman would look pretty good if you worked on your painting, but as it stands it's a bit of a muddled mess. For instance the sign that looks like it's floating and has fluffy edges for some reason, should it not be a solid wooden object? Why does it look so ethereal?

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    For anatomy check out Both andrew loomis books as well proko's youtube channel
    for perspective how to draw by scott robertson and

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