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    Paulina's sketchbook

    Hi everyone!

    I decided to make an account on here and share my art, I took a long break from drawing but I hope I can start again and improve myself more. I make realistic drawings, and I draw mostly with black chalk pencil. Here are my most recent drawings, although some are from a while ago:

    Name:  IMG_20160826_142353[1].jpg
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Size:  145.6 KB

    From 26/08/2016

    Name:  rps20180511_123053[1].jpg
Views: 1376
Size:  219.1 KB

    From 28/09/2016

    Name:  IMG_20161023_152517[2].jpg
Views: 1370
Size:  174.9 KB

    From 23/10/2016

    Name:  IMG_20161222_192212-1024x790[1].jpg
Views: 1385
Size:  152.2 KB

    From 22/12/2016

    Name:  rps20180511_123539[1].jpg
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Size:  156.6 KB

    From 12/01/2017

    Name:  rps20180511_123812[1].jpg
Views: 1349
Size:  137.4 KB

    From 28/01/2017

    Name:  rps20180511_124030[1].jpg
Views: 1395
Size:  144.5 KB

    From 15/03/2017

    Name:  IMG_20170412_145826_20170412223538884_20180511124300573[1].jpg
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Size:  134.7 KB

    From 12/04/2017

    Name:  IMG_20180510_153703-1024x736[1].jpg
Views: 1362
Size:  196.1 KB

    From 10/05/2018 (a new one!)

    I would love to get some feedback on how my drawings are. Thanks for watching!

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    Your drawings are good, but you're just copying atm. Do you have something to say that hasn't been said?

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    What do you mean with 'something to say that hasn't been said'?

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    You don't have to render everything, instead you pick and choose what is most important like who is she/he, what is happening in piece etc. and you put details there, what is 2nd most important, possibly 3rd. Study old masters how they did it
    Couple examples
    Name:  #363s-Lawrence_Alma-Tadema_-_Death_of_the_Pharaoh_Firstborn_son.jpg
Views: 712
Size:  202.3 KBName:  Rembrandt-a.jpg
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