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Thread: LPK Sketchbook

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    LPK Sketchbook

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm new here...a little nervous. I'm informally trained in art, but I've been told that my drawings might fit in the category of editorial illustrations so I'm exploring that. There are pages and pages of these made up figures in my doodle-books and I'd like to re-interpret them in color. Acrylic paints were used in the past, but now I'm going digital in Adobe Illustrator and seeing what I could do in there. Not sure what style fits and there's much more experimenting to do. General observations, feedback, and tips or questions to ask myself when trying to find a style that fits would all be appreciated. Thank you.
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    I think editorial makes sense, but of course you could pursue other avenues . Your illustrations remind me of medieval drawings and medical illustrations. Perhaps, you would explore that mixed with surrealism and transhumanism to push your style to the next level.
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    Oh no, I just re-posted thinking my first post disappeared! Sorry for the clutter.

    Thanks, Dominicque1, for your reply. Interesting that you mention medical illustration and surrealism. I'm a microbiologist and started a freelancing side-career in scientific illustration. But then there's that part of me that just likes "making up" bodies this way and mixing it up with low-tech. Interesting about the Medieval observation...I'm going to look at old pieces from that time and check if I've been unconsciously gravitating to their colors. Thanks!

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