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    Thoughts on my project idea?

    I have a sort of ambitious (at least for me) project idea for a spare canvas my friend gave me, but I'm looking for a little advice before I jump into it and spend money on materials. I'm not entirely sure my idea will work and if it does I'm afraid it might be too much. I'm apologizing in advance for the long post.

    I want to start by melting crayons for a space background. I'd custom order some of those color specific packs from crayola with a light pink, grey, black, a dark purple, and a mid tone blue. I don't want to go with the traditional melted crayon art method of gluing the crayons to the canvas and melting them down its length with a hair dryer, because that's more splattery and drippy than what I'm wanting. So I want to try cutting up the crayons and laying the pieces out on the canvas so the colors melt in the areas that I want them. For example, laying out an amorphous shape in the middle of the canvas with the pink and then putting grey inside of it to make a nebula. Then I would put the canvas in the oven and hopefully it would melt the crayons into the background I want. If need be I could use...something to spread the crayon across the canvas while still hot.

    Is that even safe to do? Can you put canvas in the oven? Do you think it would even properly melt into a background or just turn into crap? If that works I would then use white and maybe light blue spray paint to mist over it and make some stars.

    Then I would cut two circles out of cardboard, one a bit bigger than the other. Do a thin layer of paper mache on them to make a bit of a rough, rocky, planet surface texture. Then spray paint them to look like Jupiter and Saturn. I'd then hot glue them onto the crayon covered canvas where they hang a bit off the edge for a 3D effect. Then, last, but not least, put a bit more spray painted cardboard on top of Saturn as a ring.

    Thoughts? Advice? Anything?

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    People have baked canvases at a low temperature, but it's not considered good practice. I would be concerned at trying to glue anything to wax and making it stick. Try it on a spare bit of cardboard first.

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    Is it a stretched canvas or canvas board? Canvas board might work but a stretched canvas might be too flexible, the wax would probably crack off. Cotton can take around 400º with an iron and crayons melt at a much lower temperature. If you want to spread it around, a heated palette knife would work. Definitely experiment first.

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