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    Opinions wanted :>

    Any opinions or feedback to give? I'm not really proud of this, since when I look at it in the mirror it looks really weird to me and I don't know what to fix. I would do more to the hair, but other than that I don't know what else. This is a portrait of Todoroki from My Hero Acadamia. Thanks :>.
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    You need to push value contrast way way more, as its so grey overall

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    A common technical issue that artists run into when transitioning from anime style to realism is recognizing three dimensional form. Remember that the features of the face wrap around a spherical object, and the eyes are actual balls floating behind flaps of skin in the skull. Morbid, but that's anatomy.

    The reason it looks odd in the mirror is that the planes of the face are on different angles. Check it out, draw a straight line perpendicular to the eyes, and do the same for the center of the nostrils, and the center of the lips. We're seeing the face from a few different perspectives in your drawing. The back of the head is a little small, remember the skull has a pretty significantly sized ball in the back. Also, the shoulders are too wide and square and the neck is too long.

    Remember that using a glamorous reference is a little dangerous- the face has probably been manipulated with the liquify tool, which warps the features in a way not quite immediately perceptible, but definitely annoying when trying to reference a face for accuracy.

    Good luck!
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    try using an average face, without makup or anything. and maybe choose a less difficult pose for the head, that 3/4 slightly upwards tilted angle is quiet tricky if you dont understand the planes of the face.

    my tip: draw a face male or female from reference from the front first

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    The shoulders are also pretty asymmetric, with the left being much higher and shorter than the right (beyond what it would look like if the left shoulder was raised and the right shoulder wasn't.)

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