Hi there,

Way back in 2010-2011 a kindly soul who used to post here named hummel1dane posted very interesting and fairly detailed tuts based on his experience with a classically trained Russian teacher at an animation school in Denmark (I believe).

Sadly, I only recently discovered his posts and and the images are no longer in the thread.
I was wondering if there was any chance anyone was around at the time and has the images saved.
I'm trying to piece the Russian method together from Mogilevtsev's books, Chinese books from tge Repin Academy, pdfs from here and there of old soviet-era manuals in Russian and so on.

Hummel1danes writing was quite clear about the stages in which things are built up, the separation into "layers" of hatching between anatomical build-up (ie basic shapes, bones, muscles on top etc) and then tonal/planar/edge concerns.

I pretty much get it but his thread contained info missing from all the other sources I have found and not seeing his images is trigering my autism!