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    Jamerson's Sketchbook

    Hey there, I'm pretty new to the site and really the only reason I'm up here is to get better at art and interact with other artist's because I don't have any artist friends to talk to irl. lol Anyways, I've been trying to draw more things outside my comfort zone like environments as well as drawing more in general. Lately I've been less motivated to draw things and I want to change that before that feeling becomes permanent. Well that's enough out of me so I hope you guys like the work I produce and I look forward to reading your feedback.

    A sketch of a futuristic apartment I have in mind. I added shadows to it to give me an idea of how I will handle them once I work on it some more.
    Name:  Furturistic ApartmentWIP01.jpg
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    Here is some more drawings I've done and a update to that environment piece
    Name:  sketches.jpg
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Size:  107.8 KBName:  WILDWESTCHALLENGE_LAWWOMANsketches.jpg
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    Name:  Furturistic ApartmentWIP02.jpg
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    Welcome to the forums, JAM3RSONH!

    Good studies and characters designs there. Gotta keep an eye for that line confidence and perspective on the environment. Some lines look rather "hairy" and, specially on environments, it's nice to have cleaner strokes.

    Keep up!
    "There're no lines in real life" / Is this a sketchbook? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Thanks man, appreciate the advice! I've notice that line confidence is definitely one of my weakness that I need to work on. But I will keep drawing.

    Here are some more drawings and finished art. I'm interested in seeing what people think of the last 3 pieces:
    Name:  Assassin_Design_Sketch_01.png
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Size:  313.4 KBName:  Assassin_Design_Sketch_02.jpg
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Size:  123.2 KBName:  Thanos0.jpg
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Size:  203.9 KBName:  Anon.jpg
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Size:  59.9 KBName:  ThePrincess(Colored).jpg
Views: 544
Size:  87.7 KBName:  ThePrincess.jpg
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    Have a great day!

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    Great work,man!You certainly have to practice more fundamentals,focus on improving your line quality.Connect dots with straight lines.Study from Scott Robertson's books as much as you can.Your last 3 pieces are really cool.The colors are too strong though.At this point I would recommend you to avoid using dodge and burn tool,as it can really ruin your values.Also,pay attention to materials.What you need to look for when drawing and painting materials is:value,reflections and texture.For instance,a metallic surface will reflect more light,both from the light source and from its surroundings(depending on the type of metal,of course),A leather will be pretty dark and matte with no specular highlights.Your last painting is mostly the same value and it's a little bit hard to distinguish what is metal,what is skin,cloth,etc.Good luck and have fun!

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