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Thread: Lanscape sketch

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    Smile Lanscape sketch

    Hello, I've been trying to work more on landscapes, I would love any feedback on this recent picture I did. Thank you so much for your time.
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    Great piece, I wish you made it a little smaller to fit my screen. I think you could have used a harder brush on the mountains, now it suggests a bright reflection unmatched by the values used.
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    I dig it.. though I am not certain if the pillar is round or square..

    The coloring says 'dawn-ish', but that could be pushed a little more in terms of shading and pallete.


    I would think with the house there it may give more plants a bit of refuge to stake out a claim... or not. Just a feeling I am having.
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    All of the sky has a darker value than the ground, which can happen in reality, but is unusual. I'd darken the ground and/ or lighten the sky. You've also got issues with scale, the mountains look like they're very close and quite small. The lighting overall isn't as convincing as it could be mainly because of the highlights on the mountains that somehow cannot be found anywhere else.
    Overall you need to make more use of reference for individual elements, colour and lighting.

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    Hey Ilya,
    I love the tower, but I think I see a few areas that you could work on.

    First, the mountains are competing with the tower for attention. The tower is your selling point, its where all the detail is, so you want to push attention to it through contrast. Right now, the tower is the same color and the same value as the mountains. Think about how much atmosphere there is between the mountains and the tower and how much light is bouncing around in that space.

    The other point is the perspective. I think you may be using a different horizon line for the top and the bottom of the tower. If you fix the perspective, I think the tower's shape will be easier to read.
    Also keep in mind that the terrain has form too. Right now it feels a little flat. You want your landscape to draw the viewer in, so giving them a nice path to follow is a good idea.(not a literal path necessarily, just some visual path for the eye to follow)
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    The last thing that occurs to me is the lighting. You have these lovely highlights on the mountains, but you loose those in the foreground. You might consider putting a hint of that highlight into the tower. Think about how the sunlight will affect the lighting of near objects. It would also add depth of you had some hint of off-camera mountains casting shadows on the landscape.

    Here's a really good video lecture on painting atmosphere.

    I hope any of this is helpful! Really love the lighting on those windows!
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    Thank you for the thoughtful words. I agree I could have totally pushed that dawn colour palette more. I also agree that there could have been some room to play with signs of civilization or at least habitation, maybe I'll add in some other huts or lean-tos to show work was put into the place.

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