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    Looking for 2d practice Pals

    Hi guys, I've been away from 2d for quite a long time, was busy trying to learn other stuff like Japanese and C++, or just grinding away in some game xD
    But now I would like to come back to the artistic side of things, so I'm slowly getting back into practice.

    I've been doing 1 sketch a day for the past week and half, which you can see below, still I'm afraid I could end up making up excuses and saying "today I don't need to sketch", so the slight pressure of a deadline and practicing along with someone else I think would really help me to keep this going, even if only for 30 min a day.

    So I'm looking for someone who would join me in this "group activity" on discord, we are already in 3 in the group and probably a good number to reach is 6-8 people I think, the rules are simple:

    •Every day by 18:00 (UTC+2), the members of the group alternate choosing the image that is the subject of study of the next 24 hours

    •The theme of study change every day according to this order: Environment -> Props 1 -> Human Gesture (full figure) -> Architecture -> Animal Anatomy -> Props 2 -> Human Closeup ->

    •The choosen image must be a real photo, no works from other artists

    •The choosen image must be of something that would fit in a fantasy world like, let's say Guild Wars 2. (Pretty much all that is made by nature is ok, and no modern man-made stuff like cars or cellphones)

    •The study must be at least 30 minute, but if you're having fun you can keep going for how long you want.

    Also disclaimer, I'm aware that most of you here are already pro or very serious about it and in the path to get there, for me this is an hobby amongs hobbies (like my daily japanese quiz review) therefore even though I'll be putting in at least 30 min every day, I suspect I won't be putting as much effort as you do in it, so I'll put this forward in case this "hobby-like relaxed" group activity doesn't reach the standards you would like to see.

    So if you're interested in joining us in our daily sketch thing, you can add me on discord (the group is over there for ease of sharing images, chatting and everything) and tell me there, I'm Marcus#5549
    This are some of my sketches to give you an idea of what we do:
    Name:  Environment_13_04_2018.png
Views: 1053
Size:  322.0 KB Name:  Lantern_09_04_2018.png
Views: 1049
Size:  113.4 KB Name:  Fish_14_04_2018.png
Views: 1047
Size:  215.7 KB Name:  Girl_15_04_2018.png
Views: 1048
Size:  70.6 KB Name:  House_15_04_2018.png
Views: 1030
Size:  132.8 KB
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