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    I don't know how to pick a school

    I thought about picking schools based on reputation, since that seemed to be the way to make job connections. But I'm probably just going to end up going to the one that allows me to travel home the easiest and is the most affordable. So far I've gotten into every school I applied with, but even with scholarships it'll still cost like 15-20k a year minimum. I'm an older transfer student with an associates from a community college, with a marriage and some roots, and I am just barely living outside the poverty line after years of annual raises at a shit job.
    The reputation of schools are still really important to me, but I don't know what their reputations really are? I took a fantastic art program in high school like 8 years ago, so all my info was based on that, and I'm pretty sure it's all wrong now. I feel so ignorant about the current art world that it's hard to have faith in my decisions

    So, what are the best schools reputation wise from this list?

    Which of these schools fine art/painting programs would you be most interested in?

    Thank you to anyone who takes the time to answer these questions

    Painting/Fine art is where my skills currently lie, I might go into illustration though since I think "painting" is a bad degree to have. These are the schools I've gotten into, and how much they would cost AFTER scholarships per year, not in any order. Also not including Pell Grant, which I will get.

    Art Academy of Cincinnati - 15k
    Oregon College of Art and Craft - 19.3k
    Laguna College of Art and Design - 20k
    MICA - 29.5k
    SCAD - Accepted, waiting on the award letter
    School of the Art Institute Chicago - 31k
    Otis - 24k
    Columbus College of Art and Design - 22.4k

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    Of those on your list, I know MICA, SCAD, Laguna and SAIC; I've never heard of the others. I'm not a professional or anything though, just a HS senior who's done a lot of research (I'm gonna major in animation). If you're struggling with money, however, I'd go with the cheapest one that'll still give you a good education. Art school is what you make of it, and if you work hard, you'll get a lot more out of less prestigious school than kids that go to RISD or CalArts and don't put the extra effort in outside of class. I'd also recommend looking into local scholarships if you haven't already.

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    Thank you!

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    You're saying you're barely outside the poverty line, and you want to go to one of these schools for 20K a year.... to make some connections? This does not compute for me.

    These schools are all pretty well known, but don't expect to be taught draftsmanship and painting at a high level. What you need to do is look at student and faculty work for all of these schools. Professors can only teach you what they know how to do, even if they pretend otherwise. So if their work doesn't look like something you want to do, it probably wont be right for you. Most of these schools for ME fall into the category of artsy fartsy or pretentious, and at the price it's highway robbery. If for YOU it looks great then you do you. But just think about it more and know that there are other options.

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    I vote for School of the Art Institute Chicago because I’m studying here. I can't be objective but here is particularly high workload level. Personally, I'm completely swamped with assignments. Also, there are many talented tutors

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