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    Hey CA!
    I'm working in this illustration for a tabletop rpg book based on norse mythology.
    It's the Ragnarok, the end of times, the last battle of the gods of asgard.

    What do you guys think about it? Specially the colors?

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    They look too faded and washed out. if you want to focus on the people on the mountains then sharpen those up.. if you want to focus on the big guys then do the same for them. I am not certain where my eyeball should be resting on.
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    I'm kind of getting thrown off by the perspective. The camera is obviously placed low, and half of the objects seem like they're being viewed from below (the giant horned dude, the giant wolf, the giant tree), and half of them look like they're being viewed straight on (generally all the people).

    I've linked a couple images by Fengua Zhong, he has a couple pieces from his Journey To The West series like this that really nail the perspective. Hope this helps give you some guidance. (NSFW)
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. Here is an update considering the saturation and colors. About the emphasis issue, my client said that it's fine if it seems chaotic, because that's the goal of the piece. "It's the end of times" he said.
    I'm still messing around the perspective issue, pushing it as far as I can without looking too weird. I will probably change the position of the small figures by the end.

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    You're doing a good job btw. I think that tree perspective is a bit too much, so I straightened it out somewhat;
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    Does the client like the rainbow? I honestly think it's off. I think the battle in the heavens would be better if it's either all aerial battle/and/or the battle is happening on the branches. The rainbow's colors and lightness keep throwing me off.

    Keep up the good work.

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    The rainbow bridge is part of Asgard.

    I think the wolf could be darker in values as it seems closer than the fire guy, it would align more with the guy riding towards it as well.

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