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    Mech Soldier Concept (WIP)

    Working on a mech soldier concept and I would like some feedback and critiques. Specifically, I need feedback on the material on the armour as it looks closer to stone than smooth metal. Thank you!
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    The few things I see.

    Give yourself more space on the canvas, that name block is too close to your design at the moment.
    Certain background element values are too close to mecha like with the cabling shading, and around the arms and inner thighs.
    Where is the primary light source? Right now it looks like it has several light sources and that's not going to help things.

    Have you done any simpler studies? Things like cubes/cylinders?
    References: if you aren't already using them find relevant examples of metal in complex hard-surface and organic shapes so you'll know how light actually behaves on those surfaces.
    Things like armor suits, metal statues, actual car/vehicle photos (for these preferably outdoor/natural examples as studio and showrooms use multiple lights and that can be confusing).

    Try using some cross contour lines over the surfaces, you don't have to keep them in the final but they help you visualize what areas are round, which are flat, what areas should be concave/convex, where light and shadows will be, etc.

    Cleaner line work along the edges where plating meet.

    Form design: consider how joints work, how that thing would bend its elbows or rotate its shoulders.

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    Do some shiny metal studies and practice, get a knife out of the drawer and draw it from several angles, then try something else like a can of soup with the label off to give a dull texture, pots and pans, ball bearings, anything metal!
    you need to practice the textures and then come back to the Robot / Mech thing.
    You can also study just about very mechwarrior game intro's on you tube and really look at the textures as the movie rolls, then replicate them.
    You cant expect to roll out a texture at the drop of a hat when you haven't done it before, you are giving yourself a mountain to climb.
    I hope this helps
    A great kind hearted lumbering bullock = my Sketchbook

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    I just wanted to add a good resource for lighting and materials: Scott Robertson's "How to render". I am reading it right now and I believe it would help you a lot, as it covers several aspects of rendering, like how to create reflections in the material and how to make it look metalic, exactly what you are trying to do here.

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    Don't mistake this as me saying that you copied, not at all. But I just could not, not think about this from the first pokemon movie

    Name:  Armored Mewtwo.jpg
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    That being said, I think the lower body of your drawing is working far better than the torso arms and head. The arms especially might need a bit of a redesign, because it might not just be how you've got your materials painted that is not making the image look the way you intended. It might be that the upper body is looking a bit too organic painted silver.

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