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    A spaceship/dropship I modeled for a class. Would this be good enough for a portfolio to break into the industry?

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    Hi , this is good enough to be in a portfolio without a boubt .... but put in much much more . Now days one have to be good at a lot of things ( lighting rendering and to know a few renderers is a very good thing too .... not every company likes VRay or Mental Ray and others ...) also need to know the best leading sofwares for what you wanna do ..... Architecture ... should be Maya .. but 3DSMax is good too .... but not as user friendly like Maya is ..... Video games ? Autodesk 3DSMax is one of the leading one ..... very very close comes Maya again . When i got into the 3d business ( i was relocated ... accident at work ) i was 36 and the kids in the company did not like an old guy coming in .... lucky maybe for me i knew Mental Ray Corona VRay to name a few . Also loved to work already with Maya and Max .... ZBrush came after . So if you want to work in the business .... do your homework and like me and others .... enjoy every day you go to work doing what you love best .... 3D . I took the 2D-3D animation course 1 year at Icari Montreal which is closed now . Was in 2005 . Best of luck to you .... you certainly got skills .... now you have to be fast and efficent in many ways to be taken in . 😎

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