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    Wacom VS Huion, what do you prefer?

    Wanted to know what is your favorite / most recommended display drawing tablet (if that's the proper way to name them in English haha)
    I've had my Wacom Intuos Pro (Medium) for a few years now and really like it. But I am also really curious about display tablets, I like getting to try new programs and tools haha
    Thought of getting a Cintiq, but I've been hearing a lot about Huion too lately. So I'd like to know if any of you had the chance to try them and which one you would recommend most? What is best for someone who's still learning (not a professional, more a student).

    I can't afford a 2 200$CAN Wacom right now, but if that's the best I'll just try to be patient I prefer to take my time and look at the pros and cons before buying a new tablet anyway!

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    Wacom use to be the name brand of art tablets but are a bit over priced compared to competitor's now(Huin, XP-PEN) who have similar features for better value. I owned wacom graphire, intuos, cintiq. If money isn't an issue then go with Wacom. But be careful with older models of cintiq touch screen features as they don't work properly and tech support can be horrible. Replacement parts are expensive, almost cheaper to buy a new tablet outright.

    Not too long ago my I bought an art tablet XP-PEN Star03 12" for my friend to replace their old wacom tablet. They said it's just as good. They use adobe illustrator and photoshop.

    $50 usd,
    10x6” working area
    8 customizable shortcuts

    For a price of one Wacom intuos tablet, you can buy two generic versions tablets Huin and XP-PEN. Some will even have larger work size and wireless option or programmable buttons. Be sure to double check if their drivers will work with your OS. Get the stylus/tablet that are battery free, less hassle in the long run.
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