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    Drawing exercises- How much?

    Hello everyone! I have been going through Scott Robertson's "How to Draw" book and his Gnomon DVD's as I look to improve a portfolio and apply to art school. I have a question regarding warm up exercises before drawing. I constantly practice all of the exercises taught in the book and DVD's and they are certainly helpful, but sometimes I find myself spending from an hour and a half to two hours simply on ellipse and line warm ups before getting into actual drawing.

    I don't mind doing this, in fact, I enjoy it, but I just want to know if perhaps 2 hours is excessive and if I should be spending more time in the actual drawing. Thank you all for your time and advice!


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    If you're spending 2 hours warming up, you're burning up. Keep it to 10 minutes.
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    I think it's good that your trying to do the excercises but don't forget to draw/paint from Life. Attend croquise if you can. And paint small paintings and lot's of them to get color and value down.
    Keep a sketchbook and draw at the cafee on the subway, find Beautiful places in the city that you pass and stop and draw it for 10/15 minutes. Skip books/dvds buys Paints and sketchbooks and attend croquis. Everything you wan't is on the net buy a good printer and the cartridges will end up costing you a lot! .

    My thoughts!

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