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    Improving my drawings

    Any tips on improving my drawings i feel like i am stuck at one level i am not really sure what should i improve or more like how to improve things such as proportions and perspective i think i get the basics but feel unsure when drawing, is the best way to improve to just draw things because for example when doing portraits i am always worried that i am gonna actually get used to doing things the wrong way and not actually improve my skills. Also would you recommend any books to study from, currently i am looking at some loomis books but i am unsure how to study from them should i try to copy the drawings and then do them from imagination would redrawing the stuff from the book actually improve my skills?

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    Just draw. Draw real things, put them up for critique, take note of the points people make, rinse, repeat.
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    It's been recommended numerous times, but Proko is a great resource for improving your approach and thinking towards drawing:

    Proko does cover some fundamental topics a bit quickly (in a recent interview, he stated that he is also working on a beginner's course of videos), so I also like Marc Leone's Youtube channel since he does hours of videos on concepts such as perspective, gesture:

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