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    Advice on Progressing and Constructive Criticism

    Hello! I'm not experienced much at art but I think I want to develop myself and I want to improve. I'm trying out an anime style and so far I've made these eyes (referenced eyes from Danganronpa). Is there any constructive criticism one could give me to improve? Also, how do I progress forward? I think it's quite easy for me to focus on one part but I do have trouble working on a whole level (as in for example, I can do the eyes but I'm not too well at face proportions AT ALL and I'm bad with angles and perspective. Thank you!
    Name:  Danganronpa Eyes 3:30:2018.png
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    I cannot give you advice based on one single picture, but I can give you the usual advice to study from life.
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    you're not giving us a whole lot to work with. It's an anime eye done from reference. It looks like it's supposed to look. There, there's your critique. That's all anyone can say. If you want feedback do something a little bit more substantial.

    Also yeah, if you're bad at drawing faces or whatever, just draw them more. You're not going to get good at doing something by not doing it.

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    Heres a link to a bunch of free videos. go through them all and post your studies here for critiques. One advice would be to draw what you love. Find your troubled areas and work on that. Do not work on that your already decant or good at. Only till later when you bring everything else up to that level. Hope that was explained alright. Good luck!

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