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    Need feedback. Loomis manikin.

    Hi! I recently bought Andrew Loomis "figure drawing for all it's Worth". I'm now practicing the manikin frame.
    I do exercises from nude photos. This are few of my exercises, product of 5 minutes sessions.
    I'll be glad if you can give feedback and critique them, so I can get an objective opinion
    and step up.
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    Hey, here are some manikin frames from memory. What you think of them?
    Name:  IMAG0219.jpg
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    Sharpen your pencil and slow down. First, learn to draw the mannikin in standing pose, when you can do that effortlessly, you can move to translating real models to the mannikin.
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    Sure I will. I'm anxious for start to draw from life, that I forgot that simple rule. Slow down. Thanks for the reminder.

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    I would say the most critical part that is lacking is proportion as in visual relationship there is a lot of issue here. I would say first slow down and get back to the basics that is overlooked by a lot of people the first step in learning art is learning to see.
    To me right now you don't have the seeing step done so don't focus on the loomis mannequin.
    Focus on simplifying shapes and I would even say go back to Charles bargues drawing method to learn to see it is a great book to start learning to draw.

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    Hey thanks for the feedback. I grid the male figure on first page of the book. And actually I have mistakes of proportion, wich I'm working on. An outside the frame opinion always welcome.

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