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    Online private tuition

    Hey Conceptart! Hope spring is doing you all well!
    Hopefully this is in the right place, if not moderators please feel free to move it

    Little introduction to myself, my name is Chris I have studied and taught at London Fine Art Studios now for alittle over 6 years (, although we are thankfully seeing a resurgence in traditional and classical drawing practices, proper tuition and guidance can still be hard to get and very narrow in its approach. At many schools across europe sight size is the main stay which while a useful tool for the artist can be restricting, by its very nature you are forced to draw the size you see. Here at LFAS we use a comparative method of teaching, brought down through the Spanish artist J Torrents Llado, at its core is encajar or enclose in English. This is a method of encompassing your subject in a box allowing the artist to have complete control on placement and size of their subject. The other advantage to this method is that it teaches you about mass drawing unlike the hatching methods predominately used in sight size schools, this in turn leads into painting much easier as paint is a mass medium. So while learning to draw you are also learning to paint!

    I have compiled this into a online format which balances hardwork as well as practicalities of modern life (work sucks). I have a very small group of students as I dont want to skimp on teaching and to give the most amount of time possible. When I started searching for traditional art tuition over 8 years ago the cost was pretty much a game over factor for me, I found it incredibly frustrating that I could never afford to go to places like Florence or Russia to study. With this in mind I have done my best to minimise the cost, bearing in mind that I often spent roughly 20-30 hours a month for each student as even though its online there is no excuse not to be studious.

    Anyway enough background waffle, heres the blurb
    "Providing, a platform for beginner/ intermediate students and hobbyists to train and
    develop their traditional drawing and painting skills.
    Under a guided syllabus you will be taken step by step through the preparation, starting
    and finishing of a fully rendered drawing. Along with detailed description of each stage,
    critiques and an end of week Skype call will mean that you aren’t left on your
    You will be taken through, cast , still life, figure and portrait drawing at a steady rate with
    each week building onto of each other and each block (4 weeks) building on top of the
    one before.
    As the modern world can get in the way of serious study the course is designed so that
    each student can pick up from where they left off if a break in learning is required.
    Each student will have their own student area allowing them to clearly see new
    assignments respective critiques and useful reading and reference materials. This is all
    categorised to allow the student to go back through each week or block to find
    information and materials they require."

    Have a good'n dudes and dudettes!

    Heres a link to the tuition page

    Below are a few teaching examples

    Online private tuition

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    Name:  blockinsmall.jpg
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    A few examples of my work:
    Name:  IMG_20150715_132652.jpg
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    Name:  887100_10201874329333496_2138396281_o_zpsd2e79a5f.jpg
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    That's very reasonably priced. What times are the lessons for people who have work full time?

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    Hey Black Spot!

    I try to keep it as flexible as possible, so I tend to set a new project on the Sunday, catch up mid week (Tuesday-Thursday depending on the student) to see how everything is progressing.I ask that the projects are sent back to me by Saturday evening so I can critique them- these critiques are put into a pdf and uploaded to the student portal. The skype calls are squeezed in around the student but normally they are on a Sunday just before I upload the next project, normally between 20-40 minutes- depends how much I babble on really!

    I see that you studied with Alex Tzavaras, he was a teacher at Lavender Hill Studios the first year I studied there (now London Fine Art Studios) so you are probably aware of the approach that he uses. Mine is very similar to his- I remember him being brilliant as simplifying form. its deceptively hard to make something simple!

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